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Welcome to our NK Merrimack Valley Radio Podcast. Here we discuss what's going with the Merrimack Valley chapter and the charitable causes we support.

Mar 15, 2019

Marching into Spring with our first call-ins and tons of other content.

Maker's been on the road visiting our West Virginia chapter and Georgia's Dixie Chapter. 

Brother Contempt calls in to talk to the Merrimack Valley brothers about the NY Southern Tier's 15th Anniversary Party.

Brother Wrench checks in from sunny Daytona Florida and promises to (maybe) come back to the cold north.

We have audio from the White Mountain Chapters Annual Blues Bash and Brother Hunter accepting the 2019 New England Nam Knights award.

Finally we wrap up with a quick wrap up of our recent visit to the Middlesex GWOT Memorial Fundraiser and we finish with our bullet round of topics.