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Welcome to our NK Merrimack Valley Radio Podcast. Here we discuss what's going with the Merrimack Valley chapter and the charitable causes we support.

Feb 11, 2019

Hunter and Professor join us on the mics this month as the crew recaps the January fundraiser and looks forward to our local events and beyond.

1. Good Of the Order: We take a few minutes at the start of the show to remember Dave "Duke" Chambers, Granite State Nam Knights Chapter and our friend John Rapka of the Northeast Veterans Outreach Center.


2. Around New England (NK Events) recap. This month we are looking forward to:

-- 15.FEB "Fill The Booth" at the NE Fishing Expo (NE PVA)

-- 16.FEB "Band of Brothers" (Central Mass) Valentines Day Dinner

-- 23.FEB White Mountain Chapter "Blues Bash"

and beyond..


3. Around the Nation. (Nam Knights events beyond New England)

-- 09.FEB Jersey Coast 1st Annual Dinner Fundraiser

-- 23.FEB Parent chapter "BeefSteak"

-- Tri-Base Chapter's 2019 Bike Nights beginning 10.May

-- NK Orange County Chapter's 2019 Street Glide Raffle 

Special Thanks to our local businesses, clubs, organizations, and friends that supported our January "Winter Fundraiser".